Six Ways Kidstream Makes Quarantining Easier

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By Amy Ghiglieri, Frederick, MD Publisher May 5, 2020

This past weekend, while staring down another week of social distancing and all that it entails, we signed up for Kidstream. Ever since then, I’ve been telling everyone about the service! Kidstream just launched their new channel:

Kidstream is a unique on-demand channel created specifically for kids featuring carefully selected award-winning shows. With a Kidstream subscription, families get access to hundreds of commercial free, internationally acclaimed shows for kids of all ages. There are a variety of educational shows as well as shows that teach problem solving and social and emotional learning. All for less than $5/month!

Kidstream has already made this week so much easier than last week for my family:

  1. No more sibling distractions during distance learning. One of the biggest problems I had last week was keeping my four year old entertained while my kindergartener and fourth grader were working on school assignments. My youngest hated not being the center of attention. I even sent a text to my friends saying that if my oldest two do not pass school this year, it would be solely because their four year old brother wrecked distance learning. Thanks to Kidstream, I can now send him off to watch a show I feel good about in order to provide his older siblings with a quiet ‘school’ environment.
  2. Mom and dad are able to work without as many interruptions. We cannot entertain our children every minute of the day. During this crazy time in the world, I'm letting my children have extra screen time because I know Kidstream is offering content that fosters curiosity, creativity, originality, and independence. 
  3. With Kidstream, I’m able to rest easy knowing that nothing will appear on the screen that isn’t 100% appropriate. Last week I came downstairs to my youngest listening to an explicit song on one of our devices. I about fell down the stairs when I heard the words that were blasting in my kitchen! With Kidstream, I don’t have to worry about anything they will see or hear. All of Kidstream’s shows promote strong values and contain no violence.
  4. Kidstream motivates my kids to get moving for bedtime. Whoever is completely ready for bed first gets to pick the Kidstream show we watch that evening. I was shocked to discover that my kids are now able to get ready for bed in less than five minutes! Turns out they just needed a bit of motivation.

  5. Distracts little ears that would otherwise be taking in way too much information. Kidstream’s shows are engaging and my children are oblivious to the rest of the world when they are watching them. Right now I’m so thankful for this. My husband and I are having lots of conversations that they don’t need to be privy to, everything from job concerns to scary information and statistics about COVID-19. All things I don’t want them living in fear of. I’m so thankful I can hand them a device and know they will only see positivity while their parents take on the bigger issues.
  6. The service is SUPER affordable. Like most of the world, my family has not been immune to the economic downturn. We’re both fortunate to still be employed, but hours and pay have definitely been cut and as a result we’ve cut out a lot of expenses. At only $4.99/month, keeping Kidstream was a no brainer - and there’s a way to pay just $2.49/month for the first three months by using an exclusive Mac Kid promo code. Keep scrolling down for the promo code and the details!

If you’re ready for your house to change for the better, click here to learn more and to get started with Kidstream! 


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Kidstream is also available on Comcast, Amazon, Cox, and Roku.

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Go to
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Type in promo code: MACARONIKIDS

*I was provided with product and/or compensation in exchange for this article. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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