Chew Through Stressful Back-to-the-Grind Moments with TRIDENT Gum

A Macaroni Kid Publisher Mom Review

By Jess Searcy January 7, 2020

The holidays are over and it's time to get "back-to-the-grind" in January. For most of us, that means back to work, back to school, back to routines, back to everyday life. For me, it means back to homeschooling my kiddos. Back to homeschooling, after two weeks of unlimited screen time, no school assignments and lots of non-school fun! This is not easy! So how can we parents ease back into everyday life and get through some of those stressful, back-to-the-grind moments? Well, TRIDENT Gum is helping me "chew through" those stressful moments!

For example, just like most families, we spend a ton of time in the car. That means lots of sibling rivalry and less-than-patient moments for Mom and Dad! TRIDENT Gum is proving to be a great way for Mom and Dad to "chew through" those stressful times in the car. Here's a dramatized version of one of those moments for your enjoyment. My guys love posing for my Macaroni Kid reviews, but I assure you we had some real-life moments on our recent road trip (before we left the neighborhood even!). And I know we will have plenty coming up in the next month, getting back to our homeschool routine. Thank goodness, I have some TRIDENT stashed in the car and all around my house!

Evan and Cole demonstrate what often happens when we are in the car for too long!

Chewing TRIDENT Gum is always a nice treat, but recently, I got the opportunity to try some new to me flavors. Let me share with you my Target shopper journey, where I discovered an amazing number of flavors I was not even aware of! And don't miss the link at the end of the article for the Target Circle deal on TRIDENT, so you can save some money in January!

In the candy and gum aisle, I found all of these 3-packs and more!

The TRIDENT VIBES Gum canisters are perfect for fitting in car drink holders!

These are the flavors I decided to try out.

In the checkout section of Target, you can find a variety of single packs of TRIDENT Gum, like these. Stash one in your purse or car glove box.

Save on TRIDENT VIBES Gum or TRIDENT Gum with Target Circle in the Target app or at, now through 1/25/20!

So which flavors did I like the best? I definitely liked the classic bubble gum flavor, but I have to say I'm a mint girl through and through. So I definitely liked the original, spearmint rush and original flavors even more. And I also appreciate that my breath is definitely going to be minty! All the flavors are sugar-free so you can chew to your heart's content without worrying about contributing to tooth decay. Awesome!

Pick up some TRIDENT Gum at Target this January while it is on sale and see if it helps you "chew through" some stressful back-to-the-grind moments!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by TRIDENT Gum. All thoughts and ideas are my own.


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