Soccer mom? Baseball mom? NO.... HYPER PRO MARTIAL ARTS MOM!

By Jess Searcy August 27, 2019

I think I've finally found my sports/extracurricular mama identity as a "Hyper Pro Martial Arts Mama," after trying on and quitting so many other sports and activities! And all the years of pseudo-break dancing, furniture gymnastics, practicing handstands, and self-taught trampoline ninja moves are finally paying off for the boys. They've shown their dedication and we've finally found a coach and a sport that is helping them learn EXACTLY what they want to learn, safely.

We are so proud that both Evan and Cole have been selected to Battleground's Hyper Pro Martial Arts Team as Junior Instructors! They'll have been training for six weeks in Hyper Pro forms and acrobatics to get ahead of the game, so when the next twelve-week season starts on October 1st, they'll be ready to lead their teammates.

Hyper Pro Martial Arts?

Acrobatics, weapons, break-dancing moves, music, mind-boggling tricks and martial arts all mashed up into one amazing, fast sport. My guys first saw Hyper Pro Martial Arts athletes on YouTube and then in real life, at The Battle of Atlanta. It is all they can think about now. And who can blame them? When your classmates are gasping and oohing and ahhing at some of your new moves, it's impossible not to hold your head up high. As their mom, I am loving seeing their self-confidence grow exponentially fast, and I can't help but be super proud too. Where's my Karate Mom t-shirt!? In the mail, as a matter of fact.

The Instructors

I can't thank Renshi Troy, and his wife/co-owner Shyler, enough for cultivating my kids' interests, customizing a program just for them, helping us recognize that they are talented guys and not letting them quit when the going got tough! I cannot wait to see what the future holds! Troy and Shyler truly treat us like family and will do the same for you.

Join the Team

Hyper Pro Martial Arts Team season is starting Oct. 1st, but you must sign your child up beforehand. No experience is necessary. The season runs twelve weeks, at the end of which the team will showcase the chosen Hyper Pro Martial Arts routine. The team may demonstrate their skills at events or compete in tournaments, both individually and as a team.

If you've never heard of Hyper Pro Martial Arts. Check out this video showing what one athlete can do. Visit the Hyper YouTube Channel to see more. Show it to your kids when you're ready to get them signed up. After they see it, there's no turning back.




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