Mac Kid Reviews LEGO Movie 2 Video Game! Everything is Still Awesome!

By Jess Searcy February 26, 2019

My favorite character from the first LEGO Movie is, hands down, Unikitty. You know, the color-changing, hybrid unicorn-cat? After all, she reminds me so much of myself as a mom. Really, you say? Yeah... I mean, she's unique, colorful, and sweet... most of the time. But then there's the loud, sharp claws and teeth, nails on a chalkboard, screechy side. Yeah, Mama def has that side too. So, imagine my delight when I discovered that in LEGO Movie 2, Unikitty can focus her inner rage and turn into UltraKatty, a giant, fanged battle cat, covered in spikes and blades. Yeah... I can so relate to that. Know what's really awesome? In the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game, you can RIDE UltraKatty, while battling baby-talking DUPLO aliens! Yassss. I love it!

But enough about me and my Unikitty alter ego (and I didn't even mention the similarities of my house and living in Cloud Cuckoo Land... heh). The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game is set to release today (Feb. 26th, 2019) and we got the opportunity to test it out with friends and neighbors in advance. What better reason to throw a LEGO Movie 2 themed party?! So that's what we did!  If you have a LEGO-crazed kiddo, you are sure to find some ideas for a party of your own here, with the video game making a great gift or party activity.

Playing the LEGO Movie 2 Video Game as a party activity.

The LEGO Movie 2 Video Game!

Right away, kids can play as Emmet and Lucy, but with over 100 unique characters to unlock, the possibilities seem endless. Puzzles to solve, relics to find and collect, there is so much to discover. From the very beginning, the player is invited to follow a storyline or explore the world to play side mini-quests. After only a couple hours of play, I can tell we've only just scratched the surface of this fun, new world. If you or your kids have played other LEGO video games, you will find that the drop-in/drop-out co-op experience and controls are similar, which makes it super easy to jump right in and start playing together. We all loved it and I'm excited to explore the game more.

"I got to climb the ruins of the Statue of Liberty in Apocalypseburg," -- Cole's favorite thing about the game so far (age 7)

LEGO Themed Party Activities, Decor and Favors!

You will find tons of ideas on Pinterest for a LEGO themed party. I put together a centerpiece using a cake display filled with LEGOs and used it for a "Guess How Many?" game. The kids were shocked to learn there were 422 LEGOs in the cake display (the highest guess was 250). We also put out our stash of LEGOs on a sheet in the middle of the floor and handed out LEGO challenge cards. Each kid had to build whatever was on their card. I loved how creative they got with their builds, and then we decorated the party table with them. The party favors were resuable LEGO Movie 2 themed cups and small Emmet minifigure packs. The minifigure packs turned into another activity, as some of the kids decided to open them up right away and build at the party.

Kids show off their creations after accepting a LEGO building challenge.


We chose Nothing Bundt Cakes to provide treats for our LEGO party. I wasn't sure how they were going to fit into the LEGO theme, but when I saw the multiple colors of cake flavors, I got excited. They fit in perfectly. But even better, they were DELICIOUS! It was impossible to eat just one with so many yummy flavors to try. We had Chocolate Chocolate-chip, Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry and Lemon flavored. Everyone was raving over the frosting as well.

Bundtinis and party favors double as table decorations!

They taste as good as they look, I promise.

The LEGO Movie 2

After so much LEGO Movie 2 Video Gaming fun, we were super, anxious to see the movie the next day!

Goofing around outside the theatre after a screening of the LEGO Movie 2.

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