Featured Adoptable Kitties from Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue in Hoover, AL

Find and rescue your new best friend at the cat shelter in Hoover!

By Jess Searcy December 18, 2018

My kids and I are cat fanatics, and so when the kids expressed interest in helping the homeless kitties at Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue in Hoover, Alabama, I jumped right on board. Here's a great opportunity for us all to get our kitty-cravings satisfied while learning about giving unconditional love, even if that means you don't get to keep the kitty.

I told the guys we were going to feature our favorite cats at the shelter in hopes they would be adopted. At first, they balked. "But WE want to adopt that kitty," they both lamented. But we already have three rescue cats and no room for more at the moment. It is a good lesson for them to learn that by helping their favorites get adopted, they are truly helping them have a better life, even if that means we don't get to see them next time we visit.

Speaking of adoption, they have learned so MUCH about responsibility, unconditional love and more from their own cats. Wouldn't you love to bring a furry friend home to teach your kids about the responsibilities of owning a pet? Here are some of our favorite cats. Do you know someone else who might need a friend? Not all of our favorite kitties would do well in a family environment. Some of them would be happier in a quiet home. They ALL have a lot of love to give to the right person or people. Why not go for a visit today?

Featured Kitties


"Annie" - I am beautiful and LOVE to play, but I'm shy and afraid to be touched. I need someone willing to work with me until I can trust you. Since I love to come out and play, it probably won't take me long once I'm at home. It's just this whole shelter thing is just a little much for me! I'm having a hard time finding a home because I'm so timid. But get out the ribbon toys when you visit and I will play with you!


"BJ" - This beautiful and super docile girl needs a quiet home fast! She is so sweet you can pull her out of her cubby without a problem, but she will go right back in and hide. But you can pet her all you want inside the cubby and she will purrrrrrrrr. She was adopted, but was brought back after only a week because she hid under the bed. Some kitties just need more time to come out of their shell. This girl is going to make the best, sweetest friend for someone willing to be patient and earn her trust. She would be perfect for a quiet home. She gets along with other kitties, and if you have room for two, she would probably come out of her shell faster if she is adopted with her "boyfriend" Steve.


"Maple" - This sweet, cuddly young girl has the most adorable meow. She sat content in Evan's lap for over half an hour and would make a great family kitty. She is NOT afraid of children and begs for your attention! We wished WE could take her home! She will probably not have as hard of a time finding a home being so sociable, but you never know, maybe she is waiting for you!


"Megan" - Hi!! I'm the cutest little mustached girl you will ever see! I like to play and be petted. I will give you some love if you will take me home! 

"Tiny Girl"

"Tiny Girl" - This little kitty was in a cardboard box with all her kittens and was about to be thrown into a river when she was rescued! Now all her kittens have been adopted, but she's been in the shelter for two YEARS (the longest of all of them). She's a "love nipper" which is probably why she hasn't been adopted. So she needs someone who understands cat love language. She's not trying to hurt you, some cat's just do that to be affectionate! Sweet, playful and not shy, she would love to go home with someone soon.

We hope you will give special consideration to one of these overlooked, very deserving kitties and think who they might be a purrrrr-fect match for! But in all honesty, if you are even thinking about adopting a cat, just go for a visit! I have never seen so many affectionate and sweet cats all in one place. It really speaks volumes for the staff and volunteers who spend so much time taking care of all the cats at Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue! 

If you don't have room for a new family member, you can always swing by and pick up a calendar or t-shirt for a $20 donation. Or bring by some Tidy Cats clumping litter and cat food to help out. I'm sure you will get lots of purrs and snuggles in return!

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