Worry-free Snacktime Made Easy with Don't Go Nuts ORGANIC Snack Bars

Delicious nut-free, allergy-friendly options to take to school and play ground

By Jess Searcy October 30, 2018

What's a mama to do when you must mix a rigid toddler, in a granola-bars-only snacking phase, with a nut-free preschool class? What's a mama to do when it's your turn to bring snacks for the soccer team and there's a life-threatening peanut allergy in the group? Have you faced these #momlife scenarios? I know I certainly have!

GUESS WHAT?! We've discovered a delicious solution in Don't Go Nuts ORGANIC snack bars! Using their FIELD TO FINGERS TM PROCESS, Don't Go Nuts snack bars are completely peanut, tree nut-free and gluten-free and therefore, 100% safe to take anywhere that has a nut-free policy, whether its a preschool that has banned nuts or to after-game snack time when you may not know all the kids. 

Plus, they are so yummy (and SMELL so good). The bars definitely get a five out of five stars from everyone in our family for sure. It actually took me FOREVER to get a picture of the kids eating the bars, because they ate them so fast and I was never prepared with camera in hand. Once they were Macaroni family approved, we brought them for a group outing to let our friends taste test them. Everyone was loving them, kids and adults alike!

Finally got a picture of the kids eating these scrumptious bars, constantly disappearing in our house!

The bars come in three flavors: GORILLA POWER (chewy granola bar with chocolate chips), WHITEWATER CHOMP (chewy granola bar with white chocolate) and BLUEBERRY BLAST (chewy granola bar with blueberries, which are also DAIRY-FREE). I was impressed that the blueberry bars contain real, dried blueberries. I'm sure you know how difficult it is to find blueberry flavored foods that aren't fake!

Check out these stellar ingredients, including REAL blueberries for the BLUEBERRY BLAST flavored bars!

Here's how you and your school can be assured the snack bars are safe:

  •  Completely peanut-free, tree nut-free, gluten-free facility
  • Nut-free, gluten-free ingredients processed on equipment that does not process nuts or gluten as certified by our suppliers
  • We built our own dedicated facility with several security features, including the cleaning room, where ingredient packages are vacuumed and cleaned before ingredients enter production areas.
  • Highly restricted access to storage and production rooms; outside food never allowed.

Want to try them for yourself? Don't Go Nuts ORGANIC snack bars are already available at most Walmart stores, or you can use this handy STORE LOCATOR to find out where they are sold nearest you. The bars are also available online through Amazon.

Nut-free Spreads Also Available from Don't Go Nuts

If you are like me and have a kid that survives mainly on peanut-butter sandwiches, you may also be interested to know that Don't Go Nuts offers 5 nut-free organic spreads as a school safe alternative to nut butters. We can't wait to try them! Here are the flavors available: 

  • CHOCOLATE has 2x the protein, 2/3 less sugar, and 4x more fiber than the leading chocolate hazelnut spread, plus B vitamins and no artificial ingredients. This is an organic alternative for families who enjoy chocolate spreads but want better-for-you ingredients and a superior nutrition profile.
  • SIMPLY CINNAMON is totally unique and was named in Parents magazine among its 25 Best Allergy-Friendly Packaged Foods
  • The other three flavors are peanut butter alternatives:
    SLIGHTLY SWEET tastes most like traditional peanut butter.
    SEA SALTED tastes most like natural peanut butter and has no added sugar.
    PURE UNSALTED has no added sugar or salt and is ideal for baking.

Disclosure: We received compensation and samples to facilitate the writing of this review. We thank Don't Go Nuts for supporting our efforts at Macaroni Kid.

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