Create a Fairy Garden

By Melinda Larke - Cherry Valley Macaroni Kid Publisher April 10, 2018

A fairy garden is a miniature garden that includes small structures and tiny versions of everyday objects that are meant to "lure" fairies to the garden. My daughter loves flowers and gardening and even has her own little garden in our front yard. I wanted to add something fun to her garden and thought a fairy garden would be perfect for my fairytale-loving girl.

Want your own fairy garden? Here are the three easy steps to make it happen.

Step one - Where are you going to put the fairy garden? A fairy garden can be placed just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. All of the ones I have seen were in some sort of container - an old tree trunk, a big cracked (or uncracked) pot, a wheelbarrow, a bird bath, etc. I personally think they look best in something old and kind of broken down - like the fairies found an old tree trunk to build their home in. If you don't have something, ask around, people always have unused gardening stuff lying around. You could also build it in the middle of a flower bed.

Step two - Gather supplies. You could easily go a little overboard during this step, but always remember how much room you actually have. First thing is a fairy house and some fairies. Check your local craft store or order online. There are fairies and fairy homes that appeal to both girls and boys. That's right, this is not just a girl's activity! Beyond the fairies and houses, you can find all kinds of accessories for a fairy garden - benches, fences, pathways, and even working lights. It is a bit crazy and cool! You can also build things like benches, fences, and ladders. Pebbles and rocks are perfect for pathways, as are little tree trunk rounds. Gather your plants. Of course you want small plants like mini ferns, moss, and ground cover plants. Potting soil - don't forget the potting soil.

Step three - Put it all together. The fun part! (Although, I did really enjoy gathering all the miniature parts.) Dump in the soil, plant the plants, and arrange your miniature pieces. Don't forget the pathways through the garden, I think that is the cutest part. When you are finished arranging, water the garden. Keep the garden watered and weeded so those beautiful plants can grow. Then enjoy the fun addition to your yard!

Fairy gardens are a great way to introduce your children to gardening, encourage responsibility and get your children playing outside. And, they are just fun. All good things!

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