Make a Snowman from Scrap Wood

By Mary Shoemaker, Macaroni Kid Publisher January 2, 2018

Some of the best decor in your home can be made from things already lying around your property. Recently I discovered some old 2x4s in our outdoor shed, and I knew I wanted to re-purpose them to make winter snowmen with the kids.


The first thing I did was enlist my husband to cut the wood. (Unfortunately, although I’m crafty, I’m not confident with a saw.) He cut the bodies of the snowmen to different lengths (any size will do, although mine are 12" and 16" tall) and a small square piece for each base, which we nailed into place.


I didn’t have white acrylic paint on hand, but I did have some old primer in the garage that the kids used to paint their snowmen white. (Heads up moms, although this craft is great for all ages, primer and acrylic paint will stain, so use caution!)


Next, they painted the hats and noses. (These were also cut out of wood, but you can use any firm material you have lying around your house, such as an old cardboard box.) 


While the paint was drying, I gave the kids a big jar of buttons and let them each choose three for decorations. They also each chose a wide ribbon to use as a scarf.

Finally, I used hot glue to attach the hat, nose, buttons and scarf to each snowman, and used some black paint to add eyes and a mouth. And that’s it! Easy, durable winter decor that will last for years to come. How cute do they look next to an old sled on our front porch?


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