Using Music for Family Bonding

By Amanda Ferrante-Owen, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Lynn-Swampscott-Nahant-Saugus, MA August 8, 2017

Some of you may know the term Phish Wife - simply put, it's when you are married to someone whose first true love is the band Phish. 

I never thought I'd ever come around to actually enjoying the music until my son was born. The lyrics always seemed strange and whimsical and the songs went on FOREVER. But then I saw the joy my husband experienced introducing this music to our first child, Ben. I remember him volunteering to carry Ben in the carrier while streaming one of the Phish tours on our tv in the weeks after he was born. It provided amazing bonding time for my husband and my son and gave me a bit of a break. 

Fast forward 3 years and there's another child, Cecilia, in the mix. My husband still loves the opportunity to blast some Phish and have a dance party and show off his guitar skills to both our children. This has made me think more about how both Phish, and music in general, has enhanced our family life and why music is so great for kids:

1. Music of any kind teaches kids the importance of moving their bodies and expressing themselves through dancing and singing. It also helps get their energy out!

2. Kids learn about different instruments and the unique sounds they make, which can help cultivate a future interest in learning to play one.

3. Lyrics teach kids words - and for those who listen to Phish, some of the lyrics are fun and they rhyme! For example just last week my son thought he was very clever to rhyme his sister's nickname "Cece" with the Phish song "AC/DC bag" resulting in "CeCe/DC bag" and a lot of laughs between my husband and me.

4. There is just nothing better than a family dance party! A fun activity and a much better alternative to watching TV. And I find it can instantly change the mood of our entire household, especially during those fussy afternoons and evenings. Doesn't matter the music - Phish, jazz, the latest Disney soundtrack. Anything will do!

5. Lastly, for parents who enjoy music of any kind (or play an instrument), you demonstrate to your children the importance of having a hobby or passion. A wonderful example to set!


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