Green Eggs & Ham

A Breakfast Fit for Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

By Heather Wirtz, Managing Editor of Macaroni Kid EATS February 28, 2017
Celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd with Green Eggs and Ham!  Most kids will be so distracted by the green eggs, they probably won't even notice the handful of fresh baby spinach in their breakfast!

You will need:

1 or 2 eggs
handful of baby spinach - chopped
green food coloring
1 tsp oil
2 slices ham


1. Crack eggs and mix/scramble well.  Add 1 or 2 drops of green food coloring to the egg mixture.
2. Heat oil in a small frying pan over medium heat.  Once oil is hot, add the egg mixture and baby spinach.
3. Stir/scramble eggs until cooked through.  Set eggs aside.
4. In the same frying pan, cook ham until lightly browned and heated through.

Eggs and ham can be served along with toast or as a sandwich.  Enjoy!

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Publisher's Note - You can also ditch the dye and just puree the spinach to turn your eggs naturally green!  One of our guys is sensitive to artificial dye, so that is what we do!