Meet the New Publisher for Macaroni Kid South Birmingham!

By by Jess Searcy February 11, 2017

Hello Hello and Welcome!

Hello South Birmingham and cities to the South (all the way to Alabaster, in fact)!  My name is Jess Searcy and I am so excited to be your new publisher for the South Birmingham edition of Macaroni Kid!  If you are a previous subscriber, I hope you will enjoy this new version of the newsletter and website.  If you are a new subscriber... WELCOME!!  You have all come to the best place to find your family fun in our area!

I've started filling in the calendar and aim to have the most comprehensive list of events and guides for family-friendly fun around.  Of course, this will take some time... so check the calendar often to see if anything new has popped up.  Also, please send me your ideas (am I missing something?) or submit events and activities to the calendar yourself.  Besides events and activities for your family, you can also expect to see exclusive Macaroni Kid deals from local businesses and ticket giveaways to local events!

About Jess

My family and I are not natives to Birmingham!  In fact, we *just* moved here from Marietta, Georgia.  But, I have a passion for exploration and so this opportunity was perfect for helping us learn our way around this awesome city!  In the Atlanta area, I was a subscriber to Macaroni Kid for seven years and thoroughly enjoyed the ease of discovering new places and things to do all over Atlanta.  When we found out we were moving to the Birmingham area, I looked for Macaroni Kid right away, only to discover that it the edition was not active!  So here I am!  My family and I have really enjoyed getting to know our friendly neighbors... Birmingham has been wonderful to us so far!

When I am not busy being a mom to my two boys (8 and almost 6) or working on Macaroni Kid, you might find me in a swamp or field with a pair of binoculars!  As a former professional biologist (my most recent position was at Georgia Aquarium), I have a passion for wildlife, and especially birds!  I also volunteer once a week at the Alabama Wildlife Center feeding sick owls and hawks.  I can't wait to be a surrogate mama for the baby birds that will arrive in Spring!  The furry and feathery residents of the area are so lucky to have this place, in case they need it.

First Newsletter

I plan to publish the first newsletter on Wednesday, February 15th.  So be sure to subscribe and look for it in your inbox that day (and please add us to your safe list when you see it!).  In the meantime, please check out the website, and like us on facebook and twitter so you don't miss anything.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you South Birmingham!

Editor's Note:  The first newsletter was finished EARLY and sent out Valentine's Day... so be sure to look for it in your inbox!